GSW offer a comprehensive compliance and planning service which includes the timely preparation and submission of your tax return and calculation of your liability. We ensure that you are in receipt of all allowances and deductions that apply to your specific circumstances and deal with correspondence with Revenue on your behalf.

Our Income Tax services include advise on:

  • Completion and submission of Income Tax returns
  • Pension and retirement planning
  • Tax efficient remuneration
  • Tax based investments such as EII (Formerly BES) and film investment
  • Income and wealth protection
  • Completion and submission of Partnership Tax returns
  • UK Income Tax compliance and filings
  • Civil partnerships
  • Marital breakdown


Our tax team at GSW provide timely and relevant advice in all areas of Corporation Tax which ensures our clients are compliant with all tax rules and regulations.

In all cases, our tax planning services are tailored to meet our clients’ particular circumstances. We endeavor to find innovative solutions to minimise tax liability while delivering sound strategic advice that fits our client’s commercial objectives.

Our Corporation Tax services include advise on:

  • Completion and submission of Corporation Tax returns
  • Tax efficient business ownerships structures
  • Cash extraction for shareholders
  • Company reconstructions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Company financing and asset transfer


GSW offer a broad range of VAT compliance and planning services. We provide assistance to businesses engaged in both VATable and exempt supplies ensuring that our clients are continually up to date.

Our VAT services include:

  • Completion and submission of VAT returns, VIES and Intrastat statements
  • Foreign VAT reclaims
  • Advice on property related transactions
  • Application of the correct VAT rate
  • Advice on imports/exports of goods and services


Capital Gains Tax is payable on gains accruing from the disposal of assets and transfer of ownership by sale, gift, exchange or otherwise. Our team advises on all areas and on how best to maximise the allowances, reliefs and exemptions available and therefore minimise any liability arising.

Some of the reliefs that our clients avail of are:

  • Annual small gains exemption
  • Relief for capital losses
  • Negligible value claim
  • Principal private residence relief
  • Retirement relief
  • Transfer of a site to a child


Capital Acquisitions Tax is charged on the receipt of assets by way of gift, inheritance or under a Trust.

We work closely with clients wishing to pass on assets to their successors. We assist our clients in making decisions ensuring that their wishes are achieved and that the related tax consequences are mitigated.

We also provide specialist Capital Acquisitions Tax advice to other accountants and legal advisers who may not have the required in-house tax expertise.

When calculating the tax we review all the exemptions and reliefs that may be available for each individual client. Some of the more common exemptions/reliefs include:

  • Small gift exemption
  • Exemption for spouses
  • Agricultural relief
  • Business property relief
  • Credit for Capital Gains Tax paid against Capital Acquisitions Tax due
  • Exemption of certain dwellings


The tax team at GSW have significant experience in representing clients, both corporate and personal, in Revenue audits, investigations and related enquiries. For business owners and individuals, it is vital to get expert advice and assistance before, during and after a Revenue audit or investigation.

At GSW, our services include:

  • Advice on Revenue audits
  • Pre-audit and tax health checks
  • Liaising with the tax authorities during audits and enquiries
  • Negotiating settlements where necessary