Corporate Finance


Growing a business through acquisition can be a fast track alternative to organic growth and can add considerable value to your firm through profitable expansion.

The support of our business accountants team who have many years experience in these areas can make all the difference during the planning and execution of a business merger or acquisition.

What we do:

  • Analyse opportunities to assess if they provide a strategic fit
  • Business plan preparation, cashflow projections and sensitivity analysis
  • Business valuations and evaluation models
  • Approach target firms and negotiate heads of agreement
  • Carry out a valuation exercise and due diligence on the target company
  • Negotiate deal issues and command a competitive price for the purchase
  • Negotiation of terms with financial institutions


Business valuations require a combination of skills including sound technical accounting knowledge, solid experience and commercial understanding and judgment.

The expert team of financial accountants at GSW provide that experience and expertise in the valuation process, and assess all the key factors involved including:

  • Future profitability and cashflow
  • Current financial position and historic performance
  • Management team
  • Economic and business circumstances of the particular industry and markets
  • Product life cycle and technology
  • Legislation, regulations and accounting standards (domestic and international)

Our experienced financial accountants team tailor our valuation service to meet our clients specific circumstances and requirements.


Due Diligence is a key element in any business deal or acquisition to provide peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers.

GSW financial accountants provide independent and expert assessment of a business by identifying, quantifying and making recommendations as to how to mitigate key commercial and financial risks.

Our approach ensures the identification and resolution of key issues at the earliest possible stage of the process.


GSW assist our clients to raise finance, restructure loans and negotiate lending rates and banking facilities. We have a network of contacts across the financial services sector.

Our firm has gained in-depth experience in our dealings with the banks and understand what they require to ensure a successful outcome.

What we do:

  • Develop a detailed business plan and communicate the proposal to our network of banking contacts and equity finance providers
  • Assess your current financial situation and equity/banking requirements
  • Design a suitable and effective financial structure
  • Negotiate with equity and finance providers